Animated Background Headers WebGL Pinegrow Plugin

Free Pinegrow Plugin

Free Animated Header WebGL  Pinegrow Plugin

Free WebGL Animated Header Plugin for Pinegrow. Plugin features 3 animated headers. Blocks are compatible with Bootstrap but a framework is not necessary. Blocks may not work on older browsers.


This free webgl Pinegrow plugin features various header animations using JavaScript and Canvas .

Each block uses its own JavaScript file, and you can delete the Javascript file of the blocks you don’t use post project.

Animated Header block follows mouse movement on non-touch devices. Blocks 1 and 3 use tweens from the GreenSock GSAP animation library.

If you use these animated website headers, there are some things to keep in mind:

1: When you add the block to Pinegrow, you need to refresh the page to view it properly and make sure Javascript is enabled in Pinegrow.

2: Running Animation loops is JavaScript intensive, so it might  affect the performance of your page if there are lots of other JavaScript-heavy components.

3: Some mobile devices don’t handle Canvas performance very well, so you might consider using a fallback for mobile devices (such as a static image), however this is not essential, just be sure to test.

Follow these Instructions on how to install a Pinegrow Plugin, there is an interactive guide at the bottom too, or watch the Video above. Remember you don’t need to use Bootstrap but the plugin works with Bootstrap 4.

After you have installed and dragged the block in, remember to refresh the page in Pinegrow and be sure Javascript is enabled.

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