Restaurant Pinegrow Template

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Restaurant Pinegrow Template – Bootstrap 4

Restaurant Pinegrow Template features 25+ Free Blocks Bootstrap 4 Blocks for Pinegrow

This is the free version of our Restaurant Pinegrow Template Block Kit (Pinegrow Restaurant) and features 25+ free Bootstrap 4 Blocks for Pinegrow.

The Pro version is a block kit geared towards creating Restaurant websites, and features 150 Blocks with more coming in the next update. Food & Drink line and solid icons are included. The most popular Google fonts used in restaurant websites and templates are also loaded with the plugin, just select the one you want to use from the visual editor.

View a Demo here

Simply load the Plugin, and add the resources and drop the blocks into any Bootstrap 4 Project you are working on in Pinegrow.

This Plugin Works just like Bootstrap Blocks that are pre-installed with Pinegrow and works great with Chocka Blocks and Pinegrow Construction.

While blocks are designed specifically for restaurant websites, they can easily be edited in Pinegrow and used for any kind of website

Save Money

The pro version of this plugin is included in our latest and possibly last Pinegrow plugin bundle deal – 5 plugins for $97 – which includes all 5 of our premium Pinegrow Plugins at a $75 discount, available for a limited time.

Install Instruction. 

We are currently working on better install instructions with clear voice over instructions. 

You can use the following guide which will walk you through each step, using the interactive guide at the bootom of the post.

Just be sure to use Bootstrap 4 Framework and NOT 3. This plugin also uses Font Awesome 4, as do all our other plugins – we will update all to Font Awesome 5 now that Pinegrow have added support for it, but to keep our plugins working togther without additonal bloat we have stuck to Font Awesome 4, which is fine.

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