Pinegrow WordPress Part 5 – The Single Blog Post Page

Pinegrow Tutorial

Time: 4 Minutes
In the tutorial, we will create the WordPress single blog post page.

If you haven’t already, check out the previous post on creating the blog index page.

Download the source files for the project here.

You will create this from single.html. When the theme is exported this will become single.php which is the template file WordPress uses as the single blog post page.

We will create the standard WordPress loop and we will also create a featured image section for our blog post so we can easily add an image to the header in all our blog posts.

How to Create the Single Blog Post page in Pinegrow

let create our single blog post page.

Open single.html.

You should always use this name for your blog post page name.

Select the first html tag.

This is the master page should not be ticked.

Enter index.html in the “use master page field”.

Save the page and export the theme.

Open a blog post in your browser.

Copy the URL and paste it into the preview page URL field.

Let’s create a featured image section so we can easily add images to our post in WordPress.

Select the header DIV.

Add the featured image background action from the Posts section.

Enter FULL in the size field.

Select the title tag.

Add the title action under Posts.

Save the page.

Let’s create the basic WordPress loop.

Select the Article container.

Add the ID action from the posts section.

This will add the ID for the post.

Select the title tag.

Add the title action under Posts. This will be the title of our post.

Select the paragraph tag

Add the content action from the Posts section. This will add the content we create in WordPress.

Select the Article container again.

Add the loop action from the loops section.

Save and export the theme

Back in our browser edit the blog post.

Let’s edit the text.

Click set a featured image.

Upload the image you want to use.

Update the blog post to save it.

If we preview the post we can see the image is displaying.


The WordPress Loop

Single Post WordPress Hierarchy

Single.php WordPress Handbook.



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