Restaurant Pinegrow Template

150+ Bootstrap 4 Blocks for Pinegrow. Make Professional looking Restaurant Websites Faster in Pinegrow.

Everything you need to create a website for Restaurants in Pinegrow

Restaurant Pinegrow Template Plugin – Featuring 150+ Bootstrap 4 blocks perfect for creating websites for Restaurants in your favourite Visual Edior: Pinegrow!


Features Include:

– 150+ Bootstrap 4 Blocks – more will be added via updates – never buy another restaurant template ever again!
– Drop blocks into any project and mix with other block kits without issues
– Perfect for Restaurant niche websites, but can be used for any kind of website and combined with our other block kits

– Blocks load into Pinegrow with just a few clicks – If you have never installed a Pinegrow plugin succesfully a free install skype call can be arranged to get you up and running.
– Free Food & Drink Icons included .
– Best Fonts for Restaurant websites are loaded with plugin.
– Only one JS file and one CSS file!
– Designed and developed in Pinegrow for Pinegrow


Why Do You need this Plugin if you already have our others plugins?

The 150+ Blocks featured in this block kit plugin for pinegrow are geared towards creating restaurant websites. Rather than having many different  restaurant templates for sale, everything you need for any type of restaurant is included in this huge block kit plugin. 

The designs are different and if you build a lot of websites in this niche, this is the perfect kit for you. The basic licence allows you to build as many sites as you please for personal or client use.

The blocks have been researched specifically based on what is needed for building websites for restaurants. Food & drink icons are included and the most common google fonts used in Restaurant websites are loaded with the plugin.

150 Blocks not enough for you? You can combine the blocks with our other block kits and this plugin will continue to be updated. 

What Kind of Blocks are included?

After researching the industry we have created 150+ blocks  in 13 categories an average website in this niche consists of including –

  • Navigation Blocks
  • Header Blocks
  • Testimonial Blocks
  • Service Blocks
  • Content Blocks
  • Food Menu blocks
  • Gallery Blocks
  • Blog Blocks
  • Contact Blocks
  • Team Member Blocks
  • Slider Blocks
  • Reservation Blocks
  • Maps, CTAs, Subscribe & more
  • Pricing Tables, Facts and Footer blocks


We not only researched the most common type of content blocks needed for restaurant websites, creating 150 Bootstrap blocks for Pinegrow in the process, we also researched the most often used google fonts used in restaurant templates/websites which come preloaded in the plugin.

This means you can focus on functionalty and UX, quickly dragging and dropping professional looking restaurant websites and editing styling such as colors in Pinegrow to match the brand.

We also included many icons suitable for restaurant websites. More Food & Drink icons will be added soon.High res food & restaurant images are pulled in from unsplash and you can quickly change them using Pinegrows feature for this.

This is the perfect tool for creating your next restaurant website.
Never may buy another Restaurant Template once you buy this.

Niche Website Business

With the numerous combinations of designs possible thanks to the large amount of blocks included, you could easily make your money back building restaurant websites, and unlike other restaurant templates, you are not confined to the generic design everyone else will have used. Your clients won’t be aware (or care) that you used a prebuilt design, as it won’t be apparent, there is no limit to what you can produce, not only because of the large choice of blocks, but also thanks to the power and ease of editing the blocks with Pinegrow to produce an orginal looking design, every time, and faster than ever.

There is also no limit to the number of commercial sites you produce thanks to the generous licence included once you purchase this template (regular price just $37)

Built in Pinegrow for Pinegrow

All the blocks where created in Pinegrow so you can easily edit in Pinegrow. 

Food & Drink Icons

We have included an icon pack with over 3000 solid & line icons in various sizes and format.

Structured Code

All template styles are neatly organised in one CSS file which you can quickly & easily edit post project keeping only what you have used. There is also only one small additonal JS file added to your project.

Little Bloat

Despite the large number of blocks included, there is very little bloat compared to most premium html templates on the market

Free Install Screenshare

While its very easy to install this plugin, see the video or guide in the link below, if you have never installed a pinegrow plugin, or just can’t get it to install for whatever reason, don’t worry, just email support and I will personally organise a quick one to one screenshare untill you fully understand. Once you learn how to do this in Pinegrow it becomes second nature.

More than Just a Design

Generous Licence

Buy once and use on as many personal and commercial projects as you wish. No expensive extended licence needed

Free Updates

Works with all Pinegrow versions from Pinegrow 3 and once you purchase you will get free updates for life.

Lifetime Support

While our plugins are pretty straightforward once you install it, if you do get stuck we are just an email away


Works with all Pinegrow versions from Pinegrow 3 including the latest version and any forthcoming updates. Available at this price for a limited time. More blocks will be added with updates and the price will also rise.

Flash Sale:  5 Plugins Bundle for $47