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5 Pinegrow Plugins Bundle : $105 Discount!!

Chocka Blocks - Pinegrow Block Kit
($47 rp)

Our Number 1 selling Pinegrow plugin with over 500 downloads. Recently revamped and featuring over 300 Bootstrap 4 Blocks for Pinegrow in 28 categories. Drag and drop any kind of website in Pinegrow. One of the largest HTML page builders on the market, this plugin takes Pinegrow to the next level for rapid prototyping. Just install and activate and start dragging and dropping your next website in Pinegrow. The possibilities are endless. 

Start Up Blocks for Pinegrow ($37 rp)

A modern and clean template featuring 100+ Blocks for Pinegrow in 14 categories. Perhaps our prettiest Pinegrow plugin. You will love the design of the blocks in this Pinegrow plugin.

Pinegrow Construction Template
($37 rp)

We took everything we learnt from our previous plugins and created 150+ Bootstrap 4 blocks geared towards creating websites for construction companies & builders but the blocks can easily be adapted and used for building any kind of website. Thousands of icons are included and the CSS has been designed to make the chances of conflicting when dropped into a project pretty much zero. Combines great with Chocka Blocks.

Mobile Menu Pinegrow Plugin
($14 rp)

Easy Hamburger Menus  for Pinegrow with a choice of  full screen open animations effects with just 1 click. Don’t waste time coding fancy menus, just Drop the menu into Pinegrow and click what kind of style and animation you need.

Pinegrow Restaurant Template ($37)

Everything you need to create a website for Restaurants in Pinegrow.

The 150+ Blocks featured in this block kit plugin for pinegrow are geared towards creating restaurant websites. Everything you need for any type of restaurant is included in this huge block kit plugin. 

The blocks have been researched specifically based on what is needed for building websites for restaurants. Food & drink icons are included and the most common google fonts used in Restaurant websites are loaded with the plugin.

150 Blocks not enough for you? You can combine the blocks with our other block kits and this plugin will continue to be updated. 


5 Plugins. 700+ Blocks. $105 off the regular price.

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