Fancy boxes with bill board style hover effect. Hover over the image box and the image fills the background with a cool pan zoom effect. You can use a different image for the background effect.

Fancy Boxes plugin Pinegrow can be used in any project you want without limitations. Clients will love this, and that’s speaking from past experience and feedback.

Fancy Boxes Plugin Pinegrow is an original component from our chocka blocks plugin (300+ Pinegrow Blocks), used here as a stand alone plugin.


Fancy Boxes Installs just like the pinegrow plugin in this video:

  1. Download Zip
  2. Unzip to somewhere such as  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow Web Designer\frameworks
  3. Open Pinegrow
  4. Open your project or start a new one
  5. Click manage libraries and plugins
  6. Click load plugin
  7. Open pg.fancy-boxes.js (inside pg.fancy-boxes folder)
  8. Add and Activate pg.fancy-boxes.js
  9. A pop  up will appear. Add the resources to the page or project
  10. The fancy box  component will now appear in the lib panel
  11. Be sure that bootstrap is activated.

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