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Start Up Blocks For Pinegrow

100+ Blocks For Pinegrow Web Editor

Start Up Blocks Plugin is the  latest innovative Pinegrow UI Kit featuring 100+  professionally designed blocks and 350+ components in 14 categories to jumpstart your next pinegrow project.

Each block is 100% responsive and fully customizable.

view a demo of the blocks here  (note the CSS on Demo has been bloated and made unusable to prevent copyright theft)

Download demo version with 22 blocks here 

Block Categories Include:

  • Navigation Blocks
  • Cover / Header Blocks
  • About Blocks
  • Content Blocks
  • Feature Blocks
  • CTA Blocks
  • Pricing Blocks
  • Counter Blocks
  • Portfolio Blocks
  • Partner Blocks
  • Team Blocks
  • Testimonial Blocks
  • Contact Blocks
  • Footer Blocks

Start Up Blocks  is the perfect tool for unleashing your creativity and quickly creating professional looking website with limited coding knowledge.  Easily load it into your next Pinegrow project or even into your current one from the manage libraries and plugins dropdown from the Pinegrow menu bar.

Start Up blocks features cross browser support and a modern & clean design, based on Bootstrap 4 grid (of course you can easily use Bootstrap 3), HTML5 and CSS3 and is 100% responsive and retina ready. There is only 1 stylesheet and 1 javascript file, and everything has been done to reduce bloat.  All Images from the demos are included.

Not only do you get a lifetime of updates, it also comes with a generous licence – you can use it in as many projects as you wish. – this is subject to change but if you buy it now you will be locked into this licence agreement.


  1. Download Zip
  2. Unzip to somewhere such as  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow Web Designer\frameworks
  3. Open Pinegrow
  4. Open your project or start a new one
  5. Create a page and save (EG New Bootstrap page or HTML etc)
  6. Click manage libraries and plugins
  7. Click load plugin
  8. Open pg.startup-blocks.js (inside startup-blocks folder)
  9. Add and Activate startup-blocks.js
  10. A pop  up will appear. Add the resources to the page or project
  11. Startup blocks will now appear in the lib panel
  12. Be sure to activate Font Awesome Pinegrow Plugin for icons

Alternatively You can just open the Start Up Index page and all blocks should be in Lib Panel. This will reduce bloat even further as no need to use Bootstrap Framework if you plan to stick with working with the blocks inside the kit


Pluginsforpinegrow.com is an independent marketplace for Pinegrow plugins and is not connected, endorsed or run by Pinegrow Web Editor. For queries and support  please contact [email protected]  Thanks a lot for your understanding.


You can use Startup Blocks in as many personal sites as you like.

You can use Startup Blocks in as many clients sites as you like.

You cannot use Startup Blocks to build themes or plugins to sell on marketplaces.

You cannot use Startup Blocks to build free themes etc.

You cannot redistribute or resell this item.




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