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2 Plugins for $27

Chocka Blocks + Full Screen menu Plugins

Julys Special Offer: Get 2 Pinegrow Plugins for the price of 1!

For this limited time offer you get our chocka blocks plugin – 300 Bootstrap blocks for pinegrow – as well as our full screen hamburger menu plugin for just $27. That’s 2 plugins for the price of one.

This bundle will help you prototype stunning looking websites quicker than ever.

You actually get 2 versions of each plugin – One for Pinegrow 2.95 and below and one for Pinegrow 3 and up.

You also get a lifetime of updates for these 2 very useful Pinegrow plugins.

Plugin 1: Chocka Blocks – 300 Blocks for Pinegrow

This Block kit contains 300 Bootstrap Blocks and continues to grow. It works just like the official Bootstrap Blocks plugin pre-installed with the pro version of Pinegrow Web-Editor.  It can be loaded easily into any Pinegrow project.

Components include: Sliders, Navbars, Headers, Intros, service blocks, content blocks, Image grids, Video Blocks, Portfolio Blocks, Skills and counters, testimonials, Contact forms, 404 page, Footers, and much much more.

This block kit will help you build professional looking websites of any kind quicker than ever before.

Other features include add Parallax effect to images with one click

Chocka Blocks is an essential add on for Pinegrow. Click Here for more info. 

Plugin 2: Full Screen Menu Plugin for Pinegrow

This Plugin allows you to quickly add a hamburger menu and choose it position, style and open effect with just a few clicks.

It is simple to use and loads as a plugin into any project. Full Screen Hamburger Menu Plugin allows you to choose from 6 kinds of open animation effects with one click and 3 types of menu styles. You can also choose the menu background color with one click.

This plugin will save you hours of coding time and looks stunning in any project.

Click here for more info

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