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Kwicks Sliding Panels Plugin Pine grow

Full Screen Accordion Style Panels For Pine grow Web Editor

Accordion Pinegrow

Kwick Panels Plugin is a full screen accordion sliding panel for Pine Grow Web Editor. Load it quickly into any pine grow project.

View the video below for a demo

It is based on kwicks for jQuery.

Once you load the plugin, the Sliding Panel component will be added to the Pinegrow library panel. You can then drag and drop it into any Pinegrow project.

You can easily change the images and overlay for each panel in pine grow.

Kwicks Panels Pinegrow plugin can be used in any project you want without limitations.


  1. Download Zip
  2. Unzip to somewhere such as  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow Web Designer\frameworks
  3. Open Pinegrow
  4. Open your project or start a new one
  5. Click manage libraries and plugins
  6. Click load plugin
  7. Open pg.kwicks-panels.js (inside pg.kwicks-panels folder)
  8. Add and Activate pg.kwicks-panels.js
  9. A pop  up will appear. Add the resources to the page or project
  10. The Panel component will now appear in the lib panel
  11. Be sure that bootstrap is activated.
  12. Drag the panel in and refresh the page
  13.  To change images edit CSS of element – list panel-1, panel-2, panel-3, panel-4
  14. You can change the color of the overlay (kwick-overlay)


Pluginsforpinegrow.com is an independent marketplace for Pinegrow plugins and is not connected, endorsed or run by Pinegrow Web Editor. For queries and support  please contact [email protected]  Thanks a lot for your understanding.

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