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Grayscale Pine – a Free Onepage Bootstrap Theme Pinegrow Plugin

Grayscale is a free multipurpose, Pinegrow-ready, one page Bootstrap theme and features a dark layout. Original theme by the excellent StartBootstrap.

This is a very simple pinegrow plugin and similar to Kelvin Plugin featured on the official Pinegrow website.



Pluginsforpinegrow.com is an independent marketplace for Pinegrow plugins and is not connected, endorsed or run by Pinegrow Web Editor. For queries and support  please contact [email protected] Thanks a lot for your understanding.


The theme and it’s Pinegrow plugin are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Please keep links to startbootsrap.com in Copyright section at the bottom of the page.


If your stuck check Kelvin Pine install instructions on official PG site, as this plugin works the same

  1. Download File and unzip to somewhere like frameworks
  2. Open the theme folder as a project
  3. Open Blank.html
  4. Click manage  plugins
  5. Select and load Pinegrow/grayscalePinegrowPlugin.js:
  6. Save page
  7. You can see that grayscale components were added to the Lib panel


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