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300 Bootstrap Blocks for Pinegrow

Rapid Prototyping. Endless Possibilities.

Introducing Chocka Blocks for Pinegrow – 300 unique, responsive, mobile first, & modern Bootstrap components for Pinegrow web editor 4 .

Built in Bootstrap bootstrap 3.3.7 (Bootstrap 4 coming) ,  works just like Bootstrap Blocks that are pre-installed with Pinegrow Web-Editor. Works in any project.

Every Type of component included (demo for each category coming soon):

  • 17 Navbars including mega menu and full screen hamburger menu.
  • 10 Sliders
  • 21 Header Blocks
  • 25 Intro Blocks
  • 20 Service Blocks
  • 50 Content Blocks
  • 13 Title Blocks
  • 4 Blog Index & Blog Post Blocks
  • 21 Team Member Blocks with different hover effects
  • 5 Skill Blocks featuring Counters and Progress bars
  • 5 Testimonial Slider Blocks
  • 10 Pricing Table Blocks
  • 2 Media Blocks Including Full Screen Youtube section and play on hover split video block
  • 10 Social Media Blocks
  • 5 Download Section Blocks
  • 3 Partner / Clients Blocks including carousel
  • 7 Call to action/ Call out Blocks
  • 5 Subscribe to newsletter Blocks
  • 4 Portfolio Blocks
  • 2 Gallery Blocks for images and Video featuring lightbox pop up.
  • 14 Image Grid Blocks featuring fancy hover effects
  • 2 Accordion Blocks
  • 6 Tab Blocks
  • 2 Process/ Timeline Blocks
  • 10 Contact Blocks including forms & maps
  • 2 404 page blocks
  • 8 Footer Blocks
  • 12 Grid Blocks

You can use Chocka Blocks to rapidly build any kind of website, in any pinegrow project, just drag and drop the blocks in.

Combine this with the power and effortless of Pinegrow and you have the ultimate prototyping tool. You can even build a professional site from start to finish without touching any code at all. Chocka Blocks is the missing piece in your workflow.

Latest version includes one click parallax sections.

Chocka Blocks comes with a very generous licence – You can use it on as many of your own or clients sites as you want. You also get a lifetime of updates.


ANOTHER DEMO ( No images)


– Update to Bootstrap 4


  1. Download Zip
  2. Unzip to somewhere such as  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow Web Designer\frameworks
  3. Open Pinegrow
  4. Open your project or start a new one
  5. Click manage libraries and plugins
  6. Click load plugin
  7. Open pg.chocka-blocks.js (inside chocka-blocks folder)
  8. Add and Activate chocka-blocks.js
  9. A pop  up will appear. Add the resources to the page or project
  10. You may need to save the page and repeat step 9 from manage libraries and plugins
  11. Chocka blocks will now appear in the lib panel
  12. Be sure to activate Font Awesome Pinegrow Plugin for icons

How to an Image Header in Chocka Blocks


Pluginsforpinegrow.com is an independent marketplace for Pinegrow plugins and is not connected, endorsed or run by Pinegrow Web Editor. For queries and support  please contact [email protected]  Thanks a lot for your understanding.


You can use Chocka Blocks in as many personal sites as you like.

You can use Chocka Blocks in as many clients sites as you like.

You cannot use Chocka Blocks to build themes or plugins to sell on marketplaces.

You cannot use Chocka Blocks to build free themes etc.

You cannot redistribute or resell this item.


Update Aug 10th 2017

60 Blocks Added
Fix to index.html causing block drag bug
Multiple code edits and improvements
Fixed issues blocks display on mobile

Update July 5th 2017
40+ Blocks Added
Code Improvements
Fixed some issues with Blocks after last update

Sliders Added
CSS Reduced
General styles such as h1, h2 moved to seperate CSS file which you can easily detach if you have already created these in your project

Update June 30th 2017
PG 3.0 Compatible version added – You can download 2 versions now, one for 2.95 and one for 3.0

Version 1.5 – released June 20th 2017
Big Update – 70 New Blocks Added.
Big Update – CSS Stylesheet has been improved so its easier to read, includes and index and better commenting . Now you can easily reduce bloat when you are done
New – New component sections – Service, Media, Grid and more. More coming in next update!
 improved –  Code improvements and Lib panel layout changes.


Version 1 – released May 30th 2017
Big Update – Chocka Blocks now loads as a plugin just like bootstrap blocks for Pinegrow. Easily add it to any project without issues
Fix – Menu 16 full screen hamburger menu works
improved –  Code clean up and removed useless comments
Fix – Correct image displays for each block


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