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Chocka Blocks Pinegrow Plugin – Bootstrap 4

50+ Free Blocks Bootstrap 4 Blocks for Pinegrow – Chocka Blocks Update

This is the free version of our best selling Pinegrow Plugin and features 50 free Bootstrap 4 Blocks for Pinegrow. Simply load the Plugin, add the resources and drop the blocks into any Bootstrap 4 Project you are working on in Pinegrow.

This Plugin Works just like Bootstrap Blocks that are pre-installed with Pinegrow Web-Editor.  Every Block has been designed to work in any project or existing templates with minimal chance of style conflicts. It also works great combined with our Pinegrow Construction plugin if 50 Blocks is not enough for you!

Totally Revamped

This new version of Chocka Blocks is more than just an update to Bootstrap 4 – the plugin has been totally revamped and (the Pro version) took over 3 months to complete – every single block has been re-coded and improved.

The free features new blocks not available in the last version.

Huge Improvements

New blocks have been added and the blocks are now designed to work in any project with only a minimal chance of CSS conflict. High res Images have been added to all blocks in place of the ugly placeholder images after your drag a block into Pinegrow. These have been added using Pinegows Unsplash feature so no extra bloat has been added to the plugin. It is also easy to edit in Pinegrow, you can easily move content in the headers around with Pinegrows Flex options for example.

300 Bootstrap 4 Blocks

The pro version features 300 Bootstrap 4 responsive & modern Bootstrap 4 components for Pinegrow web editor. Blocks in 28 different categories. Lots of different block types are included including Navbars, headers, media, cta, subscribe, gallery, hover grids and subscribe blocks to name but a few

If you purchase the pro version, I am offering one to one skype walkthroughs on how to install it for those that have difficulites installing Pinegrow Plugins. Just email support after you have purchased and we can schedule a quick call. Installing is easy but I understand some people are not familiar with this side of Pinegrow. This offer applies if you have already purchased the plugin (including as part of a bundle).

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