33 Free Pinegrow Bootstrap Blocks

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Free Pinegrow Bootstrap Blocks – Loads as a project component library

33 Free Pinegrow Bootstrap Blocks.  Includes a nice slide out menu.

This is a component library. You simply download, open the folder as a project and all the blocks will appear. You can then choose the ones you want to use to build the layout

Note that this free plugin does not load like our other plugins at the moment. You need to download and unzip the folder to your machine, then just open it as a project in Pinegrow and open the blank.html page. All the blocks should then be available to drop into Pinegrow. We currently do not offer support for this free plugin.

Template by  freehtml5


Pluginsforpinegrow.com is an independent marketplace for Pinegrow plugins and is not connected, endorsed or run by Pinegrow Web Editor. For queries and support  please contact support@pluginsforpinegrow.com.  Thanks a lot for your understanding.


  1. Download Zip
  2. Unzip to your desktop
  3. Open Pinegrow
  4. Open the FOLDER you just unzipped as a new project
  5. Open Blank.html
  6. Drag and drop blocks to your preference from Lib


You should credit freehtml5.co with a link back some where in your template.

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